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I was born and grew up in the beautiful city of Cracow, a centre of cultural and artistic life in Poland. I studied Marketing and Management at the University of Economics, then joined one of the international petrol companies to work as a marketing specialist for the next ten years.

“With joy in every task and whimsy in our hearts, we are the Dollmakers, it is WHO we are.”
― Gayle Wray

My adventure with the craft of dollmaking began in 2005 at one of the Waldorf preschools in Cracow, where I was introduced to the idea of educating through art. I began to practice handwork and various crafts – not only to give an expression to the creative powers that were reinforced by the beauty and harmony of colours and forms, but also to create a playground for my children.

While my little ones were growing up, my dolls evolved as well. I still admire (and make) simple, yet charming Waldorf dolls, but some of my creations are now beyond the idea of this simple toy that the founder of Waldorf education, Rudolf Steiner, had. The process of my development as a craftswoman was initiated many years ago and, as a consequence, my dolls evolved. They are sculpted, have distinct facial expressions and come with a lot of details.

“Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
― Hans Christian Anderson, The Complete Fairy Tales

In 2018 I started my postgraduate studies at the Pedagogical University of Cracow with an aim to become an art therapist.